The art of note taking & summarizing

Students taking good lecture notes, can help them remember the course content, do well in assignments and exams, and get the most out of your course. This is a critical skill to learn that will serve you well in life beyond university.

Organizing your notes effectively is imperative for success in exams

Arranging your course materials is crucial. This includes all course handouts, written materials and computer notes. Revision time will be more effective if you have all your course materials in logical order. Here’s some tips:

  • Bundle all lecture notes, tutorial notes, tutorial exercises and any additional notes you have written/typed up.
  • Separate them all in to weekly content, using folder dividers or sticker tabs. These help you to flick through each week to find information faster. 
  • File them in to a folder for each subject or one folder for all subjects that is clearly indexed to keep subject materials separate.
  • Label each week of the semester at the start of each week’s documents and clearly mark the topics covered in each week.