About us

Pogojo is a secure and convenient website that is dedicated to improving your student life!

As University students, we sat around one day discussing what a huge waste it was to just file away our assignments and lecture notes given the hundreds of hours of hard work and countless all night sessions we had spent putting them together in the hope of earning our qualifications. This got us thinking about how useful these papers might be to other students like us who were interested in using resources other than the standard study material every student seems to use (e.g. text books, sample papers etc) to improve their education, and that maybe our assignments and lecture notes may be of value to them. This is how Pogojo came about!

In short, we provide you with :- 
  • An ability to Upload your academic work, and when downloaded by other students, you earn money.
  • An ability to Download the academic work of other students that will help you complete your course.
  • Special Offers from relevant companies that will save you money. (coming soon)
  • Tips that will help you get through your course and prepare for life after university.
  • Information for international students about Studying in Australia to ensure your study experience is as enjoyable as possible.    
Importantly, Pogojo is not a website aimed at helping you cheat!  We value hard work and the effort required to complete a university degree or course.  Pogojo simply provides you with a useful resource tool that may help you complete your university course but it cannot think for you or help you pass your exams!

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