Living costs in Australia

The cost of living in Australia is considerably lower than in Europe, Japan and especially the UK. Prices for essentials such as food, drink and clothes are relatively low, with manufactured goods being generally a little more expensive because many are imported. However, buying property and renting is also generally cheaper.
On average, a single student is able to live on approximately A$12,000 - A$17,000 per year that will cover living expenses such as accommodation, food, transport, textbooks and some spending money of around $250-$350 per week.

These amounts, however, will vary depending where you live (city or country), whether you are in a high or low cost area, and your personal lifestyle, the type of accommodation, and the course you are completing.

Below is a list of items we think you will be purchasing at one time or another: (All prices in AUD)

  • Can of Coke, 375ml:  $3
  • Bottle of Nudie juice 250ml: $3.50
  • Cup of coffee:  $3.50
  • Bottle of wine (mid-range): $18
  • Beer at a pub: $4.50
  • Beer at an up-market bar: $8  
  • Lunch at a casual cafe:  $7-$10
  • Lunch at a pub or bar: $10-$25+
  • Dinner at a middle-range restaurant pp:  $30-$70
  • Dinner at an upper-range restaurant pp: $70-$200
  • Weekly shopping average grocery basket pp: $70-$100
Transportation (Inner Suburbs to City):
  • Transportation by train: approx. $3
  • Bus one way (in city):  approx.  $3
  • Taxi ride in city: approx. $10-$15
  • Mobile phone cap: starting at $30
  • Internet connection on plan: $50 per month
  • International phone cards: call rates starting at approx. 10c per minute
  • Internet connection in Internet Cafe : $1-$2 per 10 minutes
  • Movie ticket: $10
  • Opera or Ballet ticket: $60-$250
  • Entrance to museum/art gallery:  $0-$25
  • Ticket to a sporting event:  $20-$200
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