Accommodation costs

In Australia, there is a wide range of student accommodation available, all serving different needs and budgets.
Some academic institutions offer help in finding rooms for rent and others have databases that list accommodation that is free of charge for students of the same institution. Here are some things we think you should know:

On Campus:
  • Halls of Residence: Halls of residence are located on or near university campuses. Meals and some cleaning services are provided. Only full time students are accepted. This is a very popular option for international students but you will need to apply early - Approx. Cost: A$100 - A$150 per week.
  • University Residential Colleges: Residential Colleges provide accommodation with meals. The college also cleans and does other household tasks. Sporting and social facilities, tutoring, libraries and generally computer access are also provided - Approx. Cost: A$125 - A$175 per week.
  • University Dorms: Like the idea of living the true Campus life? This option offers you a self contained, fully furnished room within the university system. However, availability is limited, so if this sounds appealing to you, get in quick! Fees usually include electricity, gas and other general taxes - Approx. Cost: A$150 - A$250 per week.
  • University Apartments: Postgraduate and married students have access to this type of self contained, fully furnished accommodation within the university system. Bigger than a room found in a dorm and more private! Usually less noisy too. Standard Fees include electricity, gas other general taxes - Approx. Cost: A$200 - A$300 per week.
Off Campus:
  • Homestay or farmstay: Institutions maintain a register of families prepared to board international students during the academic year. Meals are usually included in the cost.  Single or shared rooms may be offered and the cost will vary accordingly. Homestay is popular with younger students and those studying short term English courses. Farmstay offers the same services in a rural setting - Approx. Cost: A$80 - A$150 per week.
  • Hostels and Guest Houses: This is usually a short term solution that students may have to take if there are no better options available. Facilities may include a shared kitchen and bathroom or shared rooms in some cases - Approx. Cost: A$100 - A$200 per week.
  • Share and Rental Accommodation: It may not be that easy to find an apartment that is big enough, close to your studies, cheap or as close to transportation as you would like, but if you have an open mind and are prepared to compromise, there are many options available to you. Student often share accommodation with fellow students but the main downside is that students may have to provide their own furniture - Approx. Cost: A$150 - A$300+  per week.