Study costs and tuition fees

University costs in Australian can vary significantly and studying in Australia is not cheap, however cheaper than many other western countries. Tuition fees in Australia are not the only fees you might be required to pay, since other supplementary expenses are required too.
As an international student wishing to study in Australia, you must pay your first semester tuition fees up-front to get a Student Visa. Tuition fees can vary between institutions and in some cases the difference in costs can be significant. It is important you do your homework here. Most university websites indicate how much the courses they offer cost.

Aside from the tuition fees, some institutions may also charge for other services such as, use of the libraries, laboratories or sporting facilities. Books and stationery are other costs to consider, and your course may also require specific essential materials, such as lab coats, drawing boards or photographic supplies.

We recommend you do your own homework, however, we have provided a quick guide below:

An Entry or Bridging Course:
  • Up to A$9,000 to A$14,000 a year.
  • Bachelor degree (i.e. Arts, Business, Economics and Law etc) range from approximately A$10,000 to A$13,500 a year.
  • Laboratory-based Bachelor degree (i.e. Science, Engineering etc) range from approximately A$11,000 to A$16,500 a year.                                  
  • Graduate Certificates/Graduate Diplomas range from approximately A$9,000 to A$16,000 a year.
  • Masters/Doctoral Degree range from approximately A$11,000 to A$18,500 a year.
Vocational Education and Training:
  • Certificates I - IV/Diploma/Advanced Diploma range from approximately A$5,500 to A$18,000 a year.
English Language Training:
  • Varies significantly depending on the course duration or institution and can range from approximately A$3,500 to A$13,500.
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