Your study options in Australia

Australia is a premium destination for students who want to learn English, as well for those who are after Vocational Education and Training (VET), but Higher Education in Australia is considered to be the highlight with top world ranking universities.
English Courses

Australia is renowned for its English language courses, and it is a popular destination to study English whether for education, career or travel purposes. There are approximately 100 private English language centres in Australia. Some universities and vocational institutes also offer English language courses. However, it is important to do some background research on the institutions you would like to enrol in so you can be sure of the institution’s reliability and quality.  
What courses are available?

There are many programs available to learn English ranging from General English courses at all levels, to those tailored for work in specific industries. For travellers, there are courses that combine English with cultural tours, scuba diving, golf and many more! Some of the courses offered are listed below:
  • English for high school preparation;
  • English for work in an internship;
  • English for professional purposes;
  • Holiday English courses;
  • Business English;
  • English for academic purposes (university or vocational study); and
  • Vocational Education and Training.

Study abroad programs in Australia are offered through the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. Skills developed by the VET sector are aimed at leading students to progress and develop their career in their respective field and industry. There are a comprehensive variety of vocational courses on offer in Australia; they range from fashion design to laboratory assistance.

Higher Education

The Bachelors degree is the most common qualification offered in Australia. Specialised education and research training are also offered through Masters degrees’ and Doctoral degrees. 

Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas are also available. Diplomas are becoming less common; however, the Associate degree is growing in popularity and provides a shorter-cycle degree program for professionals wishing to further their careers. 
To learn more about your study options in Australia, please visit one of the Study Admission Centres located in the state you wish to study in provided below: