Study and living costs

As an international students coming to study in Australia, it is important to plan your budget and have the needed information on different costs starting from university costs and accommodation costs until dinning out or buying a drink in a local bar.

Tuition fees

In Australia, all international students must pay their tuition fees up-front, for the first semester at least, otherwise their Student Visa won’t be granted. Tuition fees can vary between institutions and in some cases, the difference in cost can affect the decision of where a student will choose to study. Read about the Australian Universities costs.

Accommodation costs

In Australia, you will find a wide range of student accommodation available that differs in costs depending on the location, the city, the supply and demand...etc. Student accommodation includes university dorms, which is usually the most common accommodation solution for international students, however, not necessarily the cheapest, or it is possible to live in university apartments; but these are usually dedicated to advanced degree students. In addition, students always have the option of staying in privately rented accommodation. Private accommodation can also include the option of a ‘Homestay’ with a local family where they allow you to stay in a room in return for a weekly fee but sometime it is possible to find free of charge Homestay in return for home duties, babysitting...etc.

Some academic institutions offer help in finding rooms for rent and others operate databases that list various rental accommodation options for students of those institutions. Read more about student accommodation costs.

Living costs

The cost of living in Australia is considerably lower than in Europe, the US, Japan and the UK. Prices for essentials such as food, drink, transport, rent and clothes are relatively low, with manufactured goods being generally more expensive.

On average, a single student is able to live on approximately A$12,000–A$17,000 per year for living expenses such as accommodation, food, transport, textbooks with some left over for spending money of around $250-$350 per week. Read about living costs in Australia.