Student Visa

Learn about your Student Visa options and requirements as they are listed in this section. Visas are granted and issued by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship for non Australian citizens who want to study in Australia.
Once you get an offer from an Australian academic institution, the next step is to apply for your Student Visa; this is a requirement if you intend to study in Australia for more than three months.

Visa options

There are some key advantages of attaining a Student Visa:
  • You can study in Australia for more than three months;
  • You will be eligible for subsidised Australian health cover for students; and
  • You can apply to work part time in Australia.
Different levels of education require different types of Visas. Read more about your Student Visa options.

Visa requirements

There are a number of ways to apply for a Student Visa and it may be done either by:
  • You in person at the Australian Embassy in your home country;
  • By mail; or 
  • Through a migration agent in your country.
There are several requirements you need to fulfill, in addition to  those that are required by your Australian academic institution.

Learn more about the Visa Requirements.